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Add Value and Protect your Investment with Proven and Guaranteed Roofing Systems from Duro-Last and MC Roofing.

When it comes to working with contractors to complete your projects, you know how important it is to find a reliable company with professional quality and service.

MC Roofing Enterprises is an authorized, professional installer of the Duro-Last Roofing System which is backed by the Indutstry's Best Warranties.The Duro-Last roofing system is perfect for any flat, low-sloped, new or retrofitapplication. A Duro-Last roof is watertight and virtually maintenance free.Duro-Last protects the commercial and industrial building owner with eithera 15-year full warranty or a 20 year pro-rated warranty. Both warranties aretransferable, and both provide maximum protection including coverage forconsequential damages that result from defects in the Duro-Last materialand/or installation.

Duro-Last and MC Roofing Deliver Long-Term Value: Custom prefabrication. Energy savings. Durable, leak-proof, virtually maintenance free performance. Industry-leading warranties. Installed by an authorized professional contractor.

The Duro-Last roofing system is the best long-term investment value for your building.

As you are scheduling your fall projects, we would like to offer our services to help you in the process. There is, of course, no charge for estimates or consultation.